Collegiate of orientation and direction, which has the intent of establish the police and the general guidelines, being their members the Academic Units' Directors and the Director and Vice-Director of the Center.

  > Liane Margarida Rockenbach Tarouco, Ph.D.
    Director of CINTED
  > Marcus Vinícius de Azevedo Basso, Ph.D.
    Vice-Director of CINTED
  > Paulo Kroeff , Ph.D.
    Director of Institute of Psychology
  > Rudinei Dias da Cunha, Ph.D.
    Director of Institute of Mathematics
  > Valdir José Morigi, Ph.D.
    Director of Librarianship and Communications School
  > Malvina do Amaral Dorneles, Ph.D.
    Director of Education School
  > Philippe Olivier Alexandre Navaux, Ph.D.
    Director of Informatics' Institute
  > Alberto Tamagna, Ph.D.
    Director of Engineering School