Welcome to the
Interdisciplinary Center
Of New Technologies in Education

The Educational Technologies Interdisciplinary Center has been implemented according to the structure of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. The objective is to guarantee support and institutional endorsement in the interdisciplinary actions.

CINTED´s main goal is to carry out studies and interdisciplinary research, It provides the support for activities implementation as well as for educational projects, long-distance projects, too. It also hosts graduation and post-graduation courses and external activities.

Graduate Course in Computer Science in the Education, Doctorate level, organized and implemented with the involvement of three distinct academic units: the College of Education, the Institute of Psychology and, the Institute of Computer Science. The School of Engineering, also has contributed.

Specialization Courses in Education and Computer science for state and municipal professors. The first course, carried out in 1998, formed 34 specialists, who already act in the NTEs.

Project COMPETEC, was originated through a partnership among the College of Education, the Institute of Psychology, the Institute of Computer science and School of Engineering. It´s main goal is the study and implementation of strategical actions for the superior education improvement with the use of digital technologies.

Life-long Education Course for the NTEs Multipliers It was meant to take care of 500 teachers located in different regions of Brazil. Teachers who have already specialized in Computer Science or in Education. This course is coordinated by researchers and supervisors who work at UFRGS College of Education.

The Distance Education implementation is coordinated by the Post-Graduation Committee with the support of the Graduation Committee. It supports thematic meetings, surveys and attendance of several activities (projects, courses, etc.) in many different areas of knowledge.



  • TelEduc – Used as a tool for the teaching-learning activities. Version 3.1.7. Soon we will be using the version 3.2.3.
  • Aula Net – another tool used for the teaching-learning activities, too.
  • WBT (Web Based Training) – It presents on-line developed courses in the scope of OVNI (Virtual Workshop in the Internet) project meant for the Education of Human resources for the Internet Management Committee in Brazil.
  • Elektra - A chat-robot that provides answers for the questions made at the Internet. It simulates a virtual tutor.
  • Project BASKET – A group of entities that provide support for the use of technologies in Learning Settings.